Hostgator Coupons 2018

Hostgator Coupons 2018 – best hostgator coupon codes of 2018. Save up to 60% on your hostgator webhosting plan with these hostgator coupons.

Hostgator Coupon 2018

Hostgator is one of the top providers of web hosting service available. Featuring a 45 day guarantee for money back, integration with WordPress, a full 99 percent uptime guarantee, and unlimited email and traffic support, Hostgator has remained a hosting service with great help and customer support for many years. With speed and loading times that are significantly faster than other services of similar design, Hostgator offers pricing plans that are a lot lower than other providers.


Uptime speed for Hostgator remains around 100% and is significantly better than other providers. They are also quite cheap when it comes to pricing structures. Offering a plan that starts at just $3 per month, Hostgator keeps loading times a lot lower thanks to their state of the art server structure — as well as their advanced content delivery networks.

Some of the main features of Hostgator include powerfully knowledgable customer support. Their reps are friendly, experienced, and smart. They will quickly answer all your questions and provide the answers you need.

In addition, the interface for Hostgator shared hosting plans is easy to use. Even if you are new to setting up your own hosting areas, it’s not difficult to get your website up and running in a very short amount of time.

Company History

Hostgator was created in 2002 in Florida by college students in a dorm room. The founder of the company, Brent Oxley, soon had more than 113 customers in 2003 — and then, a year later, had more than 1000. By September of 2009, the company had opened offices in a number of locations and reached the 100,000 customer mark.

Hosting Plans

Hostgator features three different plans: the hatchling, the baby, and the business plan. The hatchling plan starts at $4 per month and offers one domain with 1 click installation and unmetered bandwidth. The baby plan starts at $6 per month and features unmetered bandwidth and unlimited domains, while the business plan starts at $6 monthly as well — and gives you a private SSL and IP in addition to its regular service.


There are a number of Hostgator coupons available, including one for a 1 cent cost of hosting for your first month. Using the code HGBAYOU1CENT, you can receive this powerful discount and quickly receive a reduction in cost. For a full 25% off your plan, you can use the code HGBAYOU25OFF when applied at purchase.

Refund Policies

One of the best things about Hostgator is that it provides a full 45 day guarantee for your money back if you aren’t happy with your service. You also receive enhanced migration, security, and SSL certificate support.

Uptime and Stability

One of the best parts of Hostgator’s service is their reliable uptime. Unlike a number of other hosts, this service give at least 99% uptime but usually runs more like 100% on average. You’ll also find that if your site goes down for any reason, they quickly bring it back up in very little time at all.

Super Fast Speed and Quality

Hostgator sites are known for running quickly — and loading fast thanks to their special parsing of HTML and other static pages. You’ll find that load times for Hostgator pages actually average a much faster load time than similar hosts, clocking in about 25-50ms as opposed upwards of 300ms for most hosting companies.

Good Pricing and Affordability

One feature of Hostgator is that they offer good, scalable pricing plans for users who need to quickly get hosting service up and running in a fast period of time — but without breaking the bank. Unlike other hosts, this company provides good service for an affordable monthly price. When you add in coupons, you get a pretty good deal any way you look at it.

Content Management

Hostgator is known for a powerful suite of tools for managing your site and overall scheme for the content you want to display. Through WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento, you will receive a number of choices in how best to display your site to users.

For Magento sites and those intended to help with e-commerce platforms, the host provides a number of solutions, including the ability to automatically set up and install Magento on your server.

Additional Features

Some of the other perks of Hostgator include a free hostgator website builder, 4500 free templates, a domain and website transfer done for free, as well as a flexible and simple control panel. You will receive unlimited FTP accounts, email accounts, and FTP accounts, as well as the latest cPanel access.

For database and programming tools, you also receive unlimited MySQL support and php support, as well as CGI and Ruby being two of the major languages supported through this web host. In terms of email offerings, you will receive unlimited Pop3 accounts and access to Squirrel Mail, Horde, and RoundCube — and even the ability to block spam and keep mail forwarding intact. You get your own auto responder and email alias, as well as the ability to use IMAP support for phone emails.

Customer Support and Feedback

Users of Hostgator usually leave positive comments on the site’s service and offerings. One user said she was able to take her online business to the next level thanks to server monitoring, forum access, and premium support for any questions she had. She was continually impressed through their reliability, professionalism, and ability to diagnose her problems quickly. She now has a growing customer base and client list thanks to the ability to keep her site up at all times.

Another user said the customer support from Hostgator was friendly and more quick to respond than other hosts he had tried. After comparing pricing plans, he realized that Hostgator offered him a better deal than anyone else he’d tried — and thus he changed to the company’s offerings full-time.


Thanks to Hostgator’s numerous pricing plans, powerful customer service offerings, and overall data management and web hosting support, they are ranked as one of the best companies to go with. When you apply coupons, you can quickly receive a great discount on service — allowing you to try out Hostgator for one cent, or virtually no cost at all. After testing out their service, you may decide you want to transfer your current site over to their servers, which they’ll do for free.